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Self Care and Conscious Ritual
Diverse Divination Tools/Spiritual Shop Is Open
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Self Care and Conscious Ritual

Intended with LOVE, always.

Birthed from my cosmic womb,

This baby took it’s time,

Didn’t come a moment too soon,

A gift from my soul to you,

To help you love yours,

Love your higher self I mean,

The part unseen,

That part that just knows,

Where your gift just flows. - Sam

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Tools chosen with the highest intent for your greatest good.

Triple Moon Chalice
  • $22.22

Blue Tibetan Singing Bowl
  • From $28.88

Metal Gold/Bronze Plated Candle Holder/ 3-Armed Candelabra
  • $11.33

Holographic Tarot Decks
  • From $12.22

Handmade Indian Incense
  • $13.33

Lotus Flower Incense Burner - Brass
  • $22.22

Ceramic Incense Burners
  • $18.88

Tarot Cards Vintage Amulet Pendant 16k Gold Plated Necklaces
  • $18.88

Handmade Amethyst Crystal Sphere Copper Blue Quartz EMF Protection Orgonite Pyramid
  • $33.33

Handmade Lapis Lazuli Sphere Amethyst Malachite Crystal Orgonite Pyramid 60mm
  • $33.33

Leather Vintage Spiral Journal
  • From $12.22

Tarot 78 Card Sets
  • $22.22


Client reviews on readings.

Light & Clarity
SAMANTHA SAMANTHA, I am rarely left speechless but my reading was everything I didn’t know I needed. This reading literally set the wheels in motion for me to tap into my higher self. Every part of it was enlightening and crafted with care and such understanding, almost like you’ve walked with me since birth . Ive been at a stand still in life and this reading has given me so much clarity and reignited my inner light . You are a gift . I recommend anyone seeking clarity or just answers to seek you out .


To begin, Sam has a sweet soul that you can experience through her work and service. This was my first reading from Sam and I was pleased. They provided a quality readings in their said timeframe. I received a natal (birth) chart reading and it provided insight of who I am, my purpose, and my characteristics. This is a great resource if you’re trying to get a better understanding of yourself. Even if you’re new to understanding your natal chart, Sam gives a brief but thorough explanation of what everything means. The chart is written in a narrative form much like storytelling which makes it easy to read. They care about their quality of work and it shows. Their words are uplifting and encouraging even if something may be perceived as a negative by some. It is clear that they took the time to really understand my chart and explain the intersectionality of everything. I highly recommend this reading to anyone who wants to understand or have an awareness of self.


Loved my reading! Everything resonated with me. She was very knowledgeable. Everything she said was genuine and right on. Felt really good after reading.


I really appreciated my reading. It was very detailed and it really helped me start my journey in my healing process. Samantha is awesome and I like the way she broke down each part and she explained it very well for me to understand. 



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Spiritual Shop Open

Spiritual Shop

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