A Magical New Moon In Pisces

I must digress, it’s my belief that the moon is actually a co-ruler of Pisces though that isn’t officially written anywhere. With Pisces being the two fish swimming in opposite directions and ruling the deep, dark depths of the ocean, it would make so much sense that the moon would also rule this sign as the Moon controls these waters. Even in Tarot, specifically RWS, the moon card represents Pisces. I will leave that subject for now, to get to the point of this blog.

 On March 13th 2021 at 10:21 AM, there will be a lovely, feel-good conjunction of the Moon, the Sun, Neptune, and Venus in Pisces. We’re already feeling some of this energy as the other three planets are already there. The moon loves it here. Dream work, rituals, ceremonial magic, transcendental mediation, and manifestation by visualization, can all be heightened and easily attained here.

 Neptune as co-ruler of Pisces is at home and comfortable at this time allowing us to truly feel and experience the Pisces energies of deep empathy, strong intuition, psychic abilities, and understanding. On the downside, Pisces/Neptune can also be illusionary, so beware of not seeing things for what they really are at this time. This means, DON’T make any big final decisions at this time. You may not be seeing it for what it is or missing a huge detail that isn’t for your highest good.

Venus, the planet of love, money and pleasures, is happy in Pisces as well. Expect really good feels if you’re partnered up or a possible new interest if you’re single. I must emphasize, don’t jump into anything because there’s a high chance of regretting it later. Pisces energy doesn’t show all the facts. Take it slow if you’re single, but partners, relish in it; this is beautiful energy to enjoy each other.

We’re in Pisces season so the Sun is sitting in Pisces at this time, giving us all a deep understanding of the last twelve months. This is the end of a cycle, the end of the actual year, per the witch’s calendar. This is the opportune time to reflect on the last twelve months, and manifest the next 12 months. The energies are powerful and aligned for major manifestation and reaching new heights and depths (because balance lol), in your spiritual work.

 Recommended activities for this new moon:

  • meditation: try a guided one from YT if you have difficulty here or use your favorite music; you can also do this by simply doing your favorite activity like a walk outside, painting, drawing, cooking, swimming, we all perform some level of meditation without even realizing it; there is exceptional opportunity for deep trance at this time
  • intention magic: candle, ritual, ceremonial magic for example
  • writing: write down your goals or whatever comes to mind even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment
  • visualization: spend some time during the  night, preferably, picturing exactly what you would like to manifest, every single detail of it as if it’s already done
  • aura cleansing: you can do this with your trusty sage, incense, fire (don’t burn your self), spring or salt water

 Happy New Moon!

 Love light and dark darlings,

Sam ❤️