A Message for Pisces

As the 12th sign of the zodiac, or 13th if using the 13 signs, you have a deep understanding of all the signs. You very naturally relate and feel every single person as if their experience is yours even if you have never had their experience. This is a beautiful thing. You are needed on this planet.

It’s important to develop clearly defined boundaries between yourself and every single person you interact with on this planet. Take purposeful time with yourself. Mediate in order to keep a clear vision/clear knowing of what is yours and what is the other’s. Your empathy and potential to provide unconditional love is your super power.

There is great potential in being a powerful healer or psychic, but not if you’re unable to know the difference between what is your’s and what is the other’s. In working or even in friendly relationships with coworkers, family, or children, make it a point to consciously separate the emotions that belong to you and what is their’s.


Love + Power,

Sam ❤️