A Super Full Moon in Libra for Radical Self Love

There’s something about a full moon that raises the emotional body in all of us, giving us a heightened ability to be more expressive and more energetic when channelled in the best way. This full moon on March 28th, 2021 will be in the sign of Libra and in opposition to Venus in Aries. Venus, being the ruler of this moon sitting in a “sorta” friendly sign of Aries, is urging us more than ever to take action, start the things we’ve been pondering about, make the move, apply for the dream job, make the first move for that lover. Venus wants us to know that nothing is out of our reach if we just take determined action and put our self first this time around.

At this time, Venus is still in her Lucifer also known as Morningstar phase, a phase known for it’s focus on self love. I implore us all to ponder this question: what better way is there to show our selves love than by going after our dreams? By taking the necessary steps to make them a reality?

This is a full moon for radical self love. Singles, you and your person need to find each other whole and loving on yourselves. Couples, this full moon will cause reflection on where you can both be better for each other by going within and having the conversations you may have been avoiding. This moon wants you to take action in taking it up a notch. 

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Love, light, and holding space for my dark and yours,

Sam ❤️