Ascend Through Your Ascendant Sign

     The ascendant is the sign that was rising in the east at the time of your birth. It is where your natal chart begins, the first house. Also known as the rising sign, the ascendant was fully expressed as a child. You were having a more pure experience at that time, still very much connected to your soul family in the ethers. The experience of the world hadn’t forced the reality of the human state with  limitations and restrictions on you as yet.


As we have aged, a lot of our growth has been to learn to embody the ascendant sign. This is a unconscious process, but one we can take charge of at anytime by learning what our ascendant sign is. It’s my perception that your sun sign is who you can easily pretend to be, but your ascendant sign is who you’re supposed to be.


The ascendant is the guide, the initiator, the starting point of your entire birth chart. In fact, it permeates your entire chart, your entire self, your entire life. Knowing this is a cheat code for your existence, a opportunity to ascend in this life as far as I’m concerned. Ignorance is NOT bliss as some would like you to think. Knowing and therefore changing and applying from that knowing, puts you on that stairway to ascension.


Let me also express that every sign has a dark aspect and we are here to balance BOTH. Though I won’t get into the dark aspects, everything isn’t positive about the human state as you probably are already aware.


Let’s go through the signs:


If you’re an Aries ascendant, you are here to lead and initiate, period. Every aspect of your chart, all the planets, the houses, are expressed from a point of self-starting and leading from a place of pure, untarnished truth. You’re not afraid to go for your desires and lead by example. Your approach is to go for it now and learn the lessons as you go. 


 If you’re a Taurus ascendant, you are here to be grounded in love. You feel all the feels through your body, indulge in the good things, but it all comes from a grounded place allowing the people you love to rely on you. You’re not here to change your mind, but be fully grounded and loyal to the things and people who bring you joy. 


If you’re a Gemini ascendant, you are here to express yourself to the world, to connect with others through your exceptionally high intellect. Your energy flows through your ability to communicate your thoughts, intentions, acquired knowledge, and experiences to others. You have this innate ability to excel anywhere.


If you’re a Cancer ascendant, you are here to nurture others, to embody the mother archetype, not just for children, but your friend groups, coworkers, family members. To heal others through comfort and naturally sense what others need.


If you’re a Leo ascendant, you are here to stand strong in your strength and will. Leadership through power and love and standing tall in the admiration, is your embodiment. Many, including yourself, may be surprised by your sensitivity and your ability to love so deeply.


If you’re a Virgo ascendant, you are here to enrich the lives around you in some way. Teaching and helping others comes naturally to you so, and it comes from a pure place so much so that you will recognize that you’re the go-to person in all your endeavors. You have a hypercritical, analytic mind, but the criticism comes from a place of wanting to improve the self and others.


If you’re a Libra ascendant, you are a here to develop partnerships and balance the yin and yang, the outside with the inside. This life is not about the self, but about connecting, communication and forming balanced relationships with others. Art is a beautiful way to maintain the balance you seek.


If you’re a Scorpio ascendant, exploring the depths of the soul, yours and other’s, is your purpose. You thrive in the hidden and are meant to assert yourself through these deep knowings. Your power is in getting to the deep, unspeakable truths of the people you encounter. You approach all things intensely and you are meant to.


If you’re a Sagittarius ascendant, exploring the world, other cultures, never settling anywhere for too long is your goal here. The gain of higher knowledge for this deep need to understand all things, manifests through self teaching, your vast experiences, or even institutions.


If you’re a Capricorn ascendant, you are here to work hard and master anything you put your mind to. You’re good at whatever you do. The concept of half-assing is foreign to you. Everyone may not like you because in just being you, you may show them that they didn’t really put effort into whatever they’re working on. However, they will all admire you and you’ll be too busy handling your business to care.


If you’re an Aquarius ascendant, you are here to be yourself and stand firm in who that is for you. You are ahead of your time, so many won’t understand you. You, however, have a innate understanding of human limitations and a strong dislike of any restriction of yourself or humankind. Your thoughts and approaches to life are ascended and may be misunderstood by many, but you’re here vibrate in those higher energies which will ultimately help humanity. Just being you, is all it takes. 


If you’re a Pisces ascendant, you have come into this life with a deep understanding of the “other”, knowing the depths of every human state, so much so that you may at times not know where you end and others begin. You not only know, but you know how it all feels. You naturally pick up on the depths of anyone you encounter, an empath. 


You must know your time of birth to determine your ascendant so get as accurate as possible to that information before checking it out. I highly recommend 


Love light and dark darlings,

Sam ❤️