Jupiter Into Pisces May 13 to July 28, 2021

Jupiter has moved into Pisces. Expect expansion in the Piscean topics, good or bad, you always choose. We all have Pisces and Jupiter somewhere in our charts. I recommend Astro.com, it’s free, put in your details and see where you have these energies.

The rest is a Pisces stan post, f$&@ it:

I adore Pisces energy so much. People with prominent placements just get it and often bare the weight of other’s BS. Calling for my Pisces peeps to be in their strength at all times.

It’s incredible hard as a Pisces to not be drawn down into the lower vibes because every vibe, low and high are attracted to your deeply receptive energy. You embody all the signs so they all feel at home with you in some way.
Build strong boundaries, darlings, and block those who don’t have your best interest. Giving others 5,000 chances to mishandle you is toxic to you and them. I mean, how will they learn and when will you be happy? Also, make sure your own vibe is where it needs to be before engaging with others so you don’t operate in delusion. Take as much as time as necessary with yourself, consistently. Don’t feel bad about sleeping a lot, you need it more than others.