New Moon in Cancer ~ Your Inner Divine Mother

On July 10th 2021, we will have a beautiful New Moon in Cancer. This new moon energy will be felt up to a week before and after the 9th-10th.  

Cancer is the Divine Mother; the birther and rebirther. As a cardinal sign, a sign that leads, this is the creative intuition that leads us to where we really want to be. Sometimes a little too close to our comfort zone, yet always with our feelings, security and safety in mind.

This new moon is the opportunity for a new beginning that really serves your greatest good, something emotionally fulfilling, yet also financially abundant because Cancer is all about the security in it all. This is a psychic knowing of the right path. This is guidance from your own inner mother.

How many times have you experienced a mother figure in your life knowing the outcome of some choice you plan to make well before the outcome happens? I understand we haven’t all had this experience, but know you have this within yourself. This archetype knows the future and remembers the past; merging this cosmic knowing in order to make sound, grounded and intuitive decisions.

The new moon in Cancer can show you that you have the ability to embody this archetype for yourself and even for others if needed. The ability to move forward on something you want to do, relying on more than just potential. The crab wants you to build on a rock, not sand so it will not guide you into foolishness.

Cancer energy is also incredibly healing. As this moon makes a square to our wounded healer Chiron in Aries, problems from our past, deep seated emotional wounds, or even physical illnesses that weren’t very apparent before can be presented to your consciousness to be addressed with firm resolve.  

Cancer lovingly says, “you know what to do, so do that.”

I, personally, will be doing a series of salt baths to cleanse my aura and spirit for a fresh start and journaling my intentions and actions for the next 30 days. Feel free to leave your plans in comments. 

Love + Power, always. 💙