Pursue Your Passion With The New Moon In Aries

Literally, the best new moon of the year to start something new, as far as I’m concerned is this upcoming Aries New Moon on April 11th, 2021. After all we’ve been through 😩 and all the stuck energy we’ve had to work through, why not pursue our passions? Why not apply for that job? Why not start that business? Why not enroll in that program? Why not learn that new thing? Why not START now?

Let’s look at what Aries embodies: the will and gall to go for anything they set their sights on sums that right up. Aries energy doesn’t give a f**k what the other energies are doing or thinking when it’s time for them to pursue their current passion. A little emphasis on “current” passion. If you’re an Aries reading this or know one, then you know what I mean. 😂

Why does this energy matter to you if you don’t have any prominent Aries placements? Well, we all have every sign somewhere in our zodiac wheel even if a planet isn’t sitting there. At least one of those 12 houses on your personal chart is ruled by Aries and can clue you in to where you need to master Aries energy in this life time.

Side note: we need to master ALL of them.

For example, if Aries rules your 1st house, you are are here to be especially courageous about all things pertaining to yourself, your personality; Aries in your 2nd house means you’re here to courageously go after your material/monetary gain; Aries in your 6th house wants you to make your health and well being a priority in this life; Aries in the 10th house is asking for your career and how you are seen in the world to be a priority.

Aries is the starter of Zodiac. To start something, we all need to embody the will, the ability to be unaffected by other’s opinion’s, the self-belief, the self-trust, the “I AM” and “I CAN” that Aries stands for in it’s purest form.

Aries energy acts now, thinks later which can clearly be a positive or negative thing, but if you, like myself, suffer from any amount of analysis paralysis or over thinking the details, I encourage you to tap into your Aries energy to get things done. That plan you’ve been writing out all the details for and mulling over all the ways it could or couldn’t play out, just do it, like Aries. That shoe company you just thought of, who has imprinted that quote in all our minds, they had to just do it too and now look.... Just saying.

If you’re a Aries and none of this aligns with you, understand that you have an entire birth chart with planets and placements doing all types of things that are very specific to you. This is more about Aries energy than anything else.


Love + Power to you always,


Sam ❤️