“Sexy and I know it” Venus in Leo

Venus our planet of love and money is now in Leo, our sign of bold, fiery, extroverted passion. The theme is BOLD LOVE. The song “sexy and I know it” by LMFAO come to mind here.

Over on my Instagram @theesoterickind, I couldn’t decide out of the three templates I made so I posted all three. Absolute Venus in Leo energy. I’ll take all the beautiful things please and thank you! 💁🏿‍♀️

Here’s how this can play out for you based on which house you have Leo. If you’re interested in a birth chart reading with me, just tap my readings link to see how to book.

1st house - feeling physical attractive or like you can attract who ever or what ever you need, adorning the self with beautiful, harmonious pieces 

2nd house - doing what you love to earn your money, seeing a way to earn money in the beauty industry

3rd house - expressing yourself lovingly to friends and neighbors, a quick getaway to a beautiful place

4th house - finding beautiful, bold pieces to decorate the home, making a extra fancy meal

5th house - starting that creative passion project, bedroom time, baby making, lingerie

6th house - deciding to change the body through exercise or even surgical enhancement, buying the “pretty” fruit in the produce section

7th house - decided to propose, a new love interest, attracting new love

8th house - the partner or yourself gets an inheritance, using esoteric knowledge to enhance self care or make money

9th house - pursuing new ways to beautify the self or others, cosmology school, traveling far away to a beautiful island

10th house - landing the dream job, new love at work, being appreciated and seen positively and attractive at work, a bonus

11th house - a friend becomes a lover, attracting new friendships

12th house - realizing there’s a soulmate right in front of your face that’s been there the whole time, karmic love becomes more apparent, releasing someone you thought was a soulmate and indulging in self care

Love + Power to you, always. 💙