What the f.... is happening right now?!

  Some of us came into 2021 wiping the sweat off our brows like thank goodness the mess of 2020 is behind. Well, 2020 was only the beginning and not even the actual beginning, more of an apex, for the consciously aware folks.


  Things will never be the same. It isn’t supposed to be. This change is a necessity. What can you do? Go with the flow and adjust accordingly. Live fully in your truth, whatever that may be. If you’re being called to make a change in some area of your life, maybe quitting that job that’s been draining you spiritually and energetically, and pursuing the purpose that’s been tapping you on your back all these years.


  Energetic shifts are happening on a mass level. It’s not only in your spiritual world, but also in the physical world, in the atmosphere. If you really sit and think about it, we’ve been working up to these culminations for many years. Most of us have been too distracted to notice, the raise and decrease in temperatures of the seasons, the random catastrophes that have been happening all over the world. The political unrest of the last few years has been the catalyst for many of us who were going through this world rather robotically to be honest.


  I just want you to know that you’re not crazy, things will never be the same, and though the energies are crazy, they are NECESSARY. 


Your answers are within you,