You are Divine

The goal is to tap into yourself. If you didn’t already know, let me share with you; you are a magnificent, magickal, multidimensional being. No greater being is outside of you. You ARE that greater being that you’ve been taught to pray to. The God/Goddess is YOU. You chose to come to this very ghetto Earth University, as I like to call it lol, to have this very specific experience, no matter how terrible or wonderful it appears to be. That doesn’t mean that you just coast through without taking the reigns of your experience. Some of us have chosen to have an experience that does not include any form of self-realization. If you’re reading this, you have probably chosen to at some point in this life, awaken the portion of you that recognizes the God/Goddess within. What a journey it will be. I commend you and I see the God/Goddess in you.

Love Light and Dark Darlings,

Sam ❤️