We Create Our Reality

This realization may shock you to your core. You create your reality. Am I telling you that we are creating our poverty, our toxic relationships, our pain, our inability to find stable grounding, our struggle with food...?” That list could go on forever and the answer is a big ass YES. Add any human struggle to that list and it applies.

Friends, our subconscious minds are still ours. It isn’t separate from our whole self so when it’s calling all the shots in our lives and we’re having what we consider “bad” experiences, we are still the creators of those experiences. Therefore, when we are not conscious of our choice to be surrounded by people who hurt us, for example, we are still CHOOSING that experience.

Your subconscious mind is you.

Knowing this, is the first step in taking the reigns and consciously deciding to not have any of those experiences. We have that power, if we so choose.

Take a moment and consider the part you are playing on this theatrical stage called life. Will you allow your conscious mind or subconscious mind to have the say? 

Love Light and Dark Darlings,